What is the SEA Paddle NYC?

The SEA Paddle NYC serves as Surfers' Environmental Alliance's primary fund raiser. The Paddle and ancillary events raise money for environmental preservation, a number of non-profit autism organizations and for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, bringing awareness to and supporting the causes closest to SEA's core values.

Is the SEA Paddle NYC a race?

The SEA Paddle NYC is a charity for fun and fundraising paddle.

For those who wish to race the SEA paddle has a race component built in.  The race component consists of a prone and SUP division broken down by different classes.  The SUP elite race is WPA sanctioned.  Rankings will be broken down by gender and age class.  Age divisions are; 17 and under, 18-49, and 50+.  Click here for the WPA 2013 Rulebook.

The classes are as follows:  

SUP Elite Paddle-25 mile race (Standup Paddlers)

WPA Race Board Divisions

  • 12’6” (Stock)

  • 14′

  • Unlimited

Prone Elite Paddle-25 mile race (Prone Paddlers)

Race Board Divisions

  • 12’ (Stock)

  • Unlimited

Is there an alternate date for the Paddle in case of foul weather?
Due to the scale of the logistical planning associated with SEA Paddle NYC, unless dangerous conditions such as lightning or hurricane hit the morning of the event, it will occur as planned. Check this site or our Facebook (facebook.com/SEAPaddle-NYC) feed for last minute details.

Can I do the Paddle as a team relay?

Any number of participants may combine to form a team. Individual registration and fundraising goals remain the same. All teams must provide their own support boat and must notify the safety director of the type and size of the boat.   Boat docking information will be made available shortly.

What are the logistics of getting to the start and finish?

It is every paddler’s responsibility to get to the start at Brooklyn Bridge Beach (click link for Brooklyn Bridge Beach address) on Friday morning by 7:30 AM for registration and start. We will have free shuttle service from The Paramount hotel (The Paramount is located near the finish line and post paddle events). The Paramount hotel is the SEA Paddle’s hotel partner that is offering discounted rooms for participants and/or volunteers.  For booking please click the following link:


SEA Paddle NYC rooms must be booked by July 14, 2013.

We will have preregistration and board drop off on Thursday evening near the start (more details to come).

Do I need to wear a leash?

All participants will be required to use a leash. We ONLY recommend the adjustable racing leash. This leash will not drag behind your board, it will not slow you down and it will not get caught on any submerged object.  

Do I need a PFD?

Each participant must have a Coast Guard-approved PFD on board.

Can I register for the event as a team?

Yes, each paddle category (Charity Paddle, Relay, SUP Elite, and Prone Elite) has the option to either register as an individual, to create a new team or join an existing team. Once a team is created, registrants from any of the categories may join a “team” even if the team captain/creator is in a different event.  The along with your individual fundraising web page the team will have a group web page to track your fundraising efforts combined.  The purpose of the team is purely for fundraising efforts and/or bragging rights.  The teams’ times are not combined in anyway for rankings or prizes. Relay team members need to provide their own support boat and manage exchanges.

For detailed information on team creation please visit:


Where do I stay if I'm from out of the area?

The SEA Paddle NYC has partnered with the Paramount hotel to offer discounted rooms.  The Paramount is located near the finish line (and past paddle events) at 235 W 46th Street, New York NY 10036.  We will be providing shuttle transportation from the hotel to the start line the morning of the paddle.  Paddlers need to be at the start by 7:30 AM.

To book your reservation with the Paramount with our group discount rate please visit the following link:


Participants are more than welcome to make their own arrangements.  

Who do I contact  for more information?

Go to the CONTACTS  page and you will see a list of contacts.

How can I get involved if I don't want to paddle?

There are several ways to get involved:

  1. Make a monetary donation via our website donation page

  2. Attend the event as a volunteer. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities! (volunteer page will be online soon)

  3. Become a sponsor of the event.  If you are interested in sponsorship please contact a SEA team member through our CONTACTS  page

  4. If you have a boat, jet ski, yacht, fishing trawler or a boating license, you can volunteer to captain a support boat.  For more information, please contact us at info@seasurfer.org

What is the fundraising minimum of each paddler?

A minimum of $1000 must be raised by each paddler in order to participate. Teams can make up the difference for meeting their teammates’ minimum goal.

What do you do with the money that is donated?

100% of all donation proceeds are shared by the listed beneficiaries.

Are there incentives for fundraising?


Every participant in the Paddle and race is encouraged to raise a minimum of $1,000.  

Participants who raise $3,000 or more by August 1st will get two nights complimentary at the Paramount hotel.

Charity paddlers who raise $5,000 will have their their entry fee refunded.  

Elite paddlers will not have their entry fee reimbursed because those entry fees are used to subsidize their prize moneys.

more to come...

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