“Until you witness it with your own eyes, no one can understand the profound effect surfing and the ocean can have on a child with Autism. Luckily, Izzy Paskowitz has experienced this first hand and started his organization, Surfer’s Healing. I have paddled 32-miles around Manhattan for Izzy and all the children he helps. Thanks to Surfer’s Environmental Alliance we can give back to Surfer’s Healing!!”

“Circumnavigating the island of Manhattan on a SUP is one of the greatest endeavors anyone can experience. It is mentally and physically challenging, but by the time you touch the beach under the Brooklyn Bridge you have awoken a new, amazing part of your soul! Seeing Manhattan from the water, gives the city a whole new perspective.  You will love when you are paddling with the incoming tide up the Hudson and fly under the George Washington Bridge, you feel like superman.  Or when the head wind gusts reach 8-10 knots and you’re battling a 5 knot current at Hells Gates with waves the size of class 3 rapids!  Each year the conditions vary.  Sometimes it’s a relatively easy paddle; sometimes it’s a bit more challenging. You challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible. The money raised goes towards great causes that Surfer’s Environmental Alliance take on so when you touch land, not only have you discovered a new part of your being, you have also greatly benefited people effected by Autism, contributed to advocate for better water quality testing, and right of passage to beaches throughout our country!”

“A huge mahalo to the entire SEA Paddle family, for helping us do what we do.  Their support is huge.  It allows us to bring our team of amazing surfers to the east coast to provide free surf camps for children with autism and their families... also, epic.  If you get a chance, come down to the beach and check us out.  You’ll see exactly where that SEA Paddle contribution goes - right onto the smiling faces of these special, special kids, their parents, their siblings.  It’s in the air and all around, and it’s something to see.”
Izzy & Danielle Paskowitz
Surfer’s Healing Foundation Inc.
A Foundation for Autism - “One Perfect Day”

“The Sea paddle is one of the most magical days that I look forward to all year. Paddlers come from all over the globe pushing themselves physically and mentally while raising money and awareness for autism and the environment. What better way to explore NYC then on a paddleboard with friends old and new, sharing smiles and memories that you cherish forever! Looking forward to 2013 Sea Paddle!! Let the training begin!”